My name is Eimear and I design & write knitting patterns. Quite a bit of my work is inspired by the notion of reinterpreting old Irish things into modern knitwear, from ancient gold artefacts to less ancient cable knitting.

I dabbled with it on & off during my teenage years, though I was completely unfamiliar with gauge or any notion of making things that fit. I spent my student years working with molten glass, but realised that was not a practical or accessible pursuit outside of a college setting.
I picked up the knitting needles again, feeling the need to make practical items, and soon discovered the world of LYS’s and online knitting resources. I’ve barely put the needles down since!

I live in Dublin with two children and a supportive spouse. I love to work with woolly yarns, and would love to see more Irish bred wool being used in hand knitting. I’m a wee bit obsessed with garter stitch, and with old things in the local museum. I’m also rather fond of books, cake, and a nice mug of tea.